LogicPlum is more than computer code and clickable buttons.



It is a proven way to solve business problems using next-generation analytics.

Business Leaders

Business leaders do not have production teams creating highly-performant models that the business is confident deploying.  Many analytic teams are taking weeks or months creating models by hand that may or may not perform.  The teams lack smart automation technique and may not be using the latest ML technologies.  The teams may not be able to communicate why the models are performing, causing the organizations to be less confident in business decisions.  In many cases, business leaders are not convinced that their current process doesn’t waste time and resources and that they are still not losing revenue.

Analytic Teams

Data scientists may not feel they are as productive as they could be at creating highly performant models that the business in confident in deploying. Many data scientist don’t yet realize there remain aspects of their process that do not require hand-coded solutions and they feel the pressure of having to stay up-to-date with the current ML technologies. Most data scientists feel rushed in the process of discovery knowing the business deserves more, but their current workflow doesn’t support the level of creativity and thought they would like to give to the organization’s problems. In general, whatever time is left over at the end of the process is not reinvested into another project, but presentations are built and meetings had to try and explain what it is that is work in the current model.

It Doesn’t Matter…

…If you are a business leader or an analytic team member, LogicPlum has what you need to create the highly-performant models using a best practice workflow which has been battle tested in the business trenches.


Give your organization what it needs today…

…extreme productivity, model explainability, and the confidence to make solid decisions.