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Award-Winning Innovator and AI Data Research Leader LogicPlum Releases Comprehensive New Software Iteration to Combat Organization Bias: LogicPlum 3.1

Promoting fairness and inclusivity with detection and mitigation strategies powered by machine learning

FRANKLIN, Tenn.June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LogicPlum (https://logicplum.com/) unveiled its latest platform version, LogicPlum 3.1, now fully loaded with the power of LogicPlum Neutral. Believing that bias and fairness detection should be a part of every AI project going forward, LogicPlum 3.1 scans a wide variety of organizational data for hidden biases, allowing companies to both screen and begin implementing strategies needed to make significant and real change on this front. LogicPlum is an award-winning AI-data-analysis platform that translates business problems into AI solutions for a global clientele, helping bridge the divide between the latest advances in machine learning and practical applications for the business world.

“LogicPlum has an established history of going above and beyond constructing AI models accurately and efficiently for businesses,” said Damian Mingle, LogicPlum Founder. “LogicPlum 3.1 can now help identify and correct a wide variety of blind spots when it comes to bias. If your company’s aim is to treat people fairly, then LogicPlum Neutral makes it easy and simple to achieve that goal. Just define the attributes you want to protect: depending on the industry, these are typically categories like gender, race, age, religion, etc. LogicPlum will then blend in that desire for protection for specific data features, smartly building AI that gives a competitive advantage. Insights generated from LogicPlum Neutral opens a window into any organization, displaying unconscious and hidden biases that are buried deep inside an organization as well as picking up on those that were hiding in plain sight. LogicPlum helps identify them all, letting institutions start a productive conversation and begin mapping the road to real change.”

LogicPlum 3.1: Data-Driven Solutions to Fight Organizational Bias

Biased targeting can lead to low success rates and high costs per sale, in addition to negative press or loss of revenue from exclusionary practices. Finding the hidden bias that are already present in company policies and advertising is the first step to removing exclusionary policies, allowing for more diversity and inclusion – especially important for all public-facing aspects of a business organization like marketing policies and advertising campaigns. This is exactly where machine learning programs in LogicPlum 3.1 can help.

“A growing body of research suggests that diversity in the workforce results in significant business advantages,” said Damian Mingle. “We are excited to experience the impact that our platform will have on real people. LogicPlum 3.1 is the exact tool companies need to combat issues like higher insurance premiums for BIPOC policyholders, inequality for women in manufacturing, and the ageism that exists and often goes unchecked in the tech industry. LogicPlum Neutral is part of a larger climate shift with the goal of significantly improving the human experience. We are thrilled to be introducing the LogicPlum 3.1 platform, increasing the level of sustained positive impact for teams and organizations worldwide.”

LogicPlum was recently named by Inory Business Magazine as one of the Top 10 AI Companies to Watch in 2021. For the latest information on current research projects, machine learning, and the growing LogicPlum 3.1 platform, explore the company blog. Or follow them on social media: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.

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Founded in 2017, LogicPlum embodies the principle that to compete in an evolving digital world, companies must use data to shape and drive innovations in their business models. Leveraging the evolving power of its custom-built platform, LogicPlum empowers companies to pivot faster and drive near-term impact from their tech investments. LogicPlum offers massive business benefits by creating significant speedups in data prep, model creation, validation – including time-series and computer vision – and deploys those models in a customized solution to best suit each client’s individual goals. Learn more at: www.LogicPlum.com.

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