Machine Learning in Healthcare: How It’s Done

Machine learning in healthcare can have a massive impact clinically, financially, and operationally.

The healthcare sector has been a user of technical advances for a long time, and it has achieved many benefits from these advances. Machine learning, a subset of AI (Artificial Intelligence), plays a significant role in health-related issues. Advancement in machine-learning has led to better handling of patients’ data, records, the development of novel medical procedures, and better treatment of prolonged diseases.

Sebastian Thrum, a computer scientist, said in the New Yorker in an article with the title AI versus MD that the machines would make a human brain a thousand times more powerful in a similar way that machines led to thousands of times stronger human muscles.

Applications Of Machine Learning In The Healthcare Sector

Machine learning has almost limitless applications in the industry of healthcare. Today, from administrative procedures in the hospitals to the treatment of infectious diseases and customized medical treatments for the patients, machine learning has taken over the healthcare sector.

Some doctors have been warning that with the introduction of machine learning in the healthcare sector, things have been moving too fast, but the improvement rate has skyrocketed and keeps doing so. But many doctors think that it is going how it should be.

Fatima Paruk, a Chicago-based company CMO told this in 2017 that artificial intelligence would be the healthcare industry’s future. She also explained how critical AI was for the years to come and beyond that. She said that AI would be monumental in preventing chronic diseases through care management and in the generation of patient-focused health data using external influences like weather factors, economic factors, and pollution exposure to produce precise medicine solutions tailored to the customer needs. AI will also be used for genetic information to improve precision medicine and care management, ultimately discovering the best possible treatment plans.

AI will affect hospitals and physicians by playing an essential role in medical decision support, giving way to the earlier documentation of disease and customized treatment plans for optimal outcomes. Artificial intelligence can also be used to demonstrate and educate patients on essential outcomes and pathways of an illness for different types of treatment. It can improve health systems and hospital management by improving efficiency and lowering care costs simultaneously.

Here are some of the applications and the companies in the healthcare sector that employs machine learning to improve their patients’ and providers’ well-being.

KenSci | AI Platform for Digital Health


Location of the company: Seattle, Washington

How is it using machine learning in healthcare: KenSci uses machine learning to forecast disease and treatment to provide assistance to physicians and predict health risk to the population by categorizing patterns and model disease progression and developing high-risk markers much more.

Industry impact of the company: KenSci has, in recent times, affiliated with healthcare accessing firm T3K Health to emphasize aiding caregivers to yoke machine learning and AI for different health records and the workflow.

Ciox Health - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Location of the company: Alpharetta, Georgia

How is it using machine learning in healthcare: Ciox Health is using machine learning to increase the managing of health information and altercation of health information to simplify access to clinical data, revolutionizing workflows, and refining the flow and accuracy of health figures.

Industry impact of the company:  This Company lately partnered with Chicago-based Memorial Healthcare to take along transparency and efficiency to Northwestern Memorial’s ROI release of information process.

Working at PathAI | Glassdoor


Location of the company: Cambridge, Massachusetts

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: PathAI’s technology uses machine learning to provide assistance to pathologists in making an accurate and quicker analysis along with identifying patients that may value innovative kinds of therapies and treatments

The company’s industry impact: The Company raised around $11 million in a series of funding

rounds, which brings its total to about $15 million in 2017.

Quantitative Insights - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Location of the company: Chicago, Illinois

How is it using machine learning in healthcare: Quantitative Insights has improved the accuracy and speed of breast cancer identification using its computer-assisted breast MRI QuantX. The goal is to achieve improved outcomes for patients using better-quality detection by the radiologists.

Microsoft unveils its new logo, the first major change in 25 years - The Verge


Location of the company: Redmond, Washington

How is it using machine learning to enhance healthcare: The Project of Microsoft named InnerEye uses machine learning for distinguishing between healthy anatomy and tumors, employing 3D radiological imagery that can help medical specialists in surgical planning and radiotherapy along with other things.

The company’s industry impact: InnerEye is being used in the UK (United Kingdom) to harvest 3D imaging to pinpoint tumors’ accurate position and support better and targeted radiotherapy.

Pfizer - Drug Manufacturers History, Products & Lawsuits


Location of the company: New York, New York

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: Using IBM’s Watson Artificial intelligence technology, Pfizer uses machine learning in the immuno-oncology study to know about the body’s immunity system to fight cancer.

The company’s industry impact: Pfizer has prolonged its partnership with a Chinese technology startup XtalPi for developing a platform based on artificial intelligence to perfect small-molecule medicines for its development and discovery efforts.

The said project would associate quantum mechanics with machine learning to assist in predicting the medicinal properties of a large number of molecular mixtures.

insitro Announces Five-Year Discovery Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb to Discover and Develop Novel Treatments for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia | Business Wire


Location of the company: San Francisco, California

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: Data science and machine learning, when pooled with cutting-edge laboratory technology, can help in the latest startup insitro drugs aiming for swiftly curing patients for a low price.

Insitro’s top-notch investors include Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, GV, a16z, and the Third Rock Ventures.

Drug Discovery Accelerated | A.I. for Pharma Development | BioSymetrics


Location of the company: Boston, Massachusetts

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: Using its machine-learning policy Augusta, Biosymetrics has enabled its clienteles to achieve data pre-processing and automated ML, which can improve the accuracy and it would eradicate a time-consuming job that is usually completed by individuals in diverse segments of the healthcare industry which includes precision medicine, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals technology, and health systems.

The company’s Industry impact: Biosymetrics has lately announced the Strategic Advisory Board that would work with the company management team for advancing R&D innovation and healthcare using the integrated analytics and machine learning.

Concerto HealthAI - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Location of the company: New York, New York

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: Concerto Health AI is using machine learning for the analysis of oncology data, giving understandings that permit pharmaceutical companies, oncologists, providers, and payers to exercise precision medicine and improve health structure.

The company’s Industry impact: It has a newly launched platform named Eureka Health Oncology that uses some profound data from the electronic medical records for offering Artificial intelligence solutions for the delivery, management, and usage of clinical data.

Orderly Health -


Location of the company: Denver, Colorado

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare:  Orderly Health says that it is a 24/7 automated concierge to provide healthcare using email, text, video-conferencing, and Slack. The company aims to assist its insurers and employers in saving their money and time on healthcare by making it stress-free for the public to find the least costly providers and understand their paybacks. This would make their members or employees comprehend their assistance and find nethermost cost providers.

The company’s Industry impact: Orderly has joined TreeHouse Health’s steady startups back in 2017 and then landed funding several months later for expanding its operations.

MD Insider - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Location of the company: Santa Monica, California

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: The MD Platform uses machine learning to improve the matching of patients with their doctors.

The company’s Industry impact: It is not long ago when this company joined the ConsumerMedical to improve their medical doctor referral proficiency.

Introducing Beta Bionics: Bringing the iLet Bionic Pancreas to Market | diaTribe


Location of the company: Boston, Massachusetts

How is it using machine learning to improve healthcare: Beta Bionics has been making a wearable robotic pancreas called the iLet. It copes with the blood sugar level in the patients having Type 1 diabetes.

The company’s Industry impact: This Company has recently given an SBOR funding of $2 million by the NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) that is NIH affiliated.