Casinos and Gaming

Casinos and Gaming

There are many new entertainment options competing for dollars and, as a result, consumer behavior is changing. Likewise, the gaming industry has evolved — no longer competing solely with destination casinos but also with online gaming and other new forms of entertainment. Gaming companies can leverage AI in casinos and other venues, using the vast amounts of information they have on their customers to create and maintain better relationships and ultimately own their market.

AI and the Gaming Industry

Gaming companies collect massive amounts of data on their customers — everything from how and where they play to what amenities they enjoy. Today’s gaming companies need to leverage this wealth of information to provide value to their customers and drive both ROI and brand loyalty.

Loyalty and Marketing

  • Acquire new players
  • Understand a customer’s spending preferences
  • Maximize profits through targeted offers
  • Better understand and prevent player churn
  • Improve offer response from marketing efforts
  • Predict future player behavior as well as customer lifetime value

Risk Management

  • Assess credit risk of patrons and suppliers
  • Detect potential fraud among customers and employees
  • Enhance anti-money laundering capabilities
  • Ensure computer security keeps operations running smoothly


  • Forecast business needs for strategic planning purposes
  • Optimize the placement of equipment on the casino floor
  • Schedule staffing to account for peak and non-peak times
  • Determine competitive pricing
  • Retain employees in a tight hiring market
  • Optimize hospitality offerings such as lodging, food, and beverage

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