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Customer Records in Your Database

Evaluate and clean up your customer database. Learn how to stay up-to-date with AI and prevent sending identical messages.


The best marketing techniques need a single consumer view, but the database of a business often times has duplicate records. It can be due to change in information of the customer, spelling mistakes, or even differences in name, such as when someone becomes married, and another record lacks the new surname. No doubt, it is time-consuming and challenging to find and rectify these duplicates.


By blending fuzzy matching practices and machine learning, it is easy to recognize when more than one record is for a similar customer, ensure that your database is in tip-top shape.

Why LogicPlum?

Automated mining of text and cutting-edge algorithms of the LogicPlum AI platform is ideal to evaluate records of customers, helping any organization turn an administrative nightmare into a high ROI task with focus.

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