Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection


Fraud is an everyday problem in the U.S., resulting in substantial monetary losses every year. Fraud exists in the way of mortgage cheats, tax evasion, medical scams, and more. It is basically impossible to assess each and every case properly, as it would require enormous amounts of trained personnel to monitor this. Fraudsters are aware of this problem and use evolving techniques to hide themselves and their tricks.


LogicPlum provides a platform for developing, testing, and frequently updating different models based on historical and newly available data. The rapid speed of model development provides analysts with the correct tools to quickly detect anomalies and take the necessary fraud prevention measures at the right times.

Why LogicPlum?

Because it is open-source, the LogicPlum platform can be easily integrated with existing systems, enabling agencies to avoid extra costs and reduce implementation times. Thus, organizations can quickly develop solutions and save billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

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