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Our business proposal includes two parts:

AI Platform Package

We focus on your business goals and vision before recommending a LogicPlum configuration. We look at short-, to mid-, and long-term goals when recommending a multi-year contract.

AI Solutions Package

In the end, we want your organization to identify and apply AI. To do that, we can help you create that capability for your current team or execute portions of your AI vision for you.

We are transparent with our six-step process, so you know what to expect when working with LogicPlum.

1.Discuss an effective AI path

Before we can talk about your company’s future state, we work towards understanding your current state.

2.Execute AI Proof of Concept

We translate the business challenge into an AI opportunity. Once the POC is complete, our team will discuss your company’s expected return on investment based on your business context.

3.Agree on your AI plan

Building an AI roadmap is vital to your success with it. We work with your AI vision to create milestones and use cases right for you and your company.

4.Choose An Appropriate Software Package

LogicPlum offers several modules, all of which you may need or only a few. The AI plan we design together helps decide what LogicPlum software you will require.

5.Support AI Plan

Once an agreement has been signed, we begin the process of prioritizing your use cases for early wins. We will help you from end-to-end, from bringing in the data to building models, and ultimately monitoring the ongoing success of what is built.

6.Continue with Value-Added Support

Regular check-in meetings will be set-up to discuss your AI progress and potentially new ways to grow your organization’s AI capability. Partnering with LogicPlum gives you the AI partner you need to succeed today and in the future.

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