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Google AdWords Bidding

Optimize your campaigns and determine the ideal bidding prices for each AdWord phrase.


Google AdWords works based on a keyword or specific query. If someone searches for something on Google, it looks for ads that match the keyword – and if one or more advertisers are bidding on the same one, an auction begins. This is called Google AdWords Bidding.

This is essential to gaining visibility on Google but can take up a large part of your advertising budget. You don’t want to risk bidding too low and missing out on advertising opportunities or risk bidding too high and end up overpaying for your ads.


Utilizing an automated machine learning model is the perfect solution to finding the optimal price when bidding on Google AdWords. These tools can learn from previous marketing activities and predict what an optimal price would be based on your target budget and expected return on investment.

Why LogicPlum?

Hiring a data scientist to build an AI platform that will optimize your Google AdWords bidding is expensive and time-consuming. At LogicPlum, we give you access to sophisticated machine learning models that will find you the best solution with just the click of a button!

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