AI in Insurance

Market selection, underwriting, pricing, and claims management are optimized with LogicPlum. Using our platform, insurers can increase speed to market, accurate pricing, and reduce loss ratios.

Risk Selection

  1. Identify profitable prospects
  2. Speedup conversions
  3. Better quote accuracy
  4. Reduce churn and increase renewals
  5. Be compliant with “best practices”

Pricing and Reserving

  1. Deploy pricing models without reprogramming
  2. Enhance accuracy of loss costs
  3. Develop rates at lightining speed
  4. Develop losses individually for each claim
  5. Build reserves accurately from the “bottom up”

Optimized Claims Management

  1. Segment claims for straight-through or manual processing
  2. Flag potentially fraudulent claims
  3. Pinpoint subrogation opportunities
  4. Predict claim severities and large loss potentials
  5. Better adjuster performance with outcome-based assignments


Become a machine learning driven insurance organization.

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