Use Cases

Modeling ICU Occupancy


When an ICU reaches full capacity, the consequences are many. From patients having to be transferred to other institutions, to delays in proper care. As a result, patient care quality is affected, and with it, the image of the institution and its personnel.


With LogicPlum, organizations can create models of ICU usage based on historical data, demographics, and many other factors. These models can accurately estimate the probability of a patient having to be transferred to or discharged from the ICU, the likelihood that an ER patient will be transferred to the ICU, and more. Once these estimations are used for efficient planning, the result is bed availability, human resources optimization, and cost reductions.

Why LogicPlum?

With LogicPlum, organizations can be modeled in their entirety, patients’ movements estimated, and resources’ usage optimized. These results then provide the necessary information for efficient preparation.

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