Why LogicPlum?

The LogicPlum Difference

We are a business first AI company. This means that our platform exhibits a shared language for describing, visualizing, assessing, and building machine learning models that are in the context of business. While every AI problem that comes through our platform doesn’t directly have to do with customer segments, value propositions, and revenue streams, we aim to put it in that context.

We designed our end-to-end AI platform this way because it takes AI out of the test tube and makes it real, in the following ways:

Connect the Building Blocks

Doing data science simply to do data science doesn’t make any sense. That’s why we help you relate your AI opportunity to the business context.

Current State

Most companies don’t realize this is their largest competitor when it comes to starting their journey to become an AI enterprise.LogicPlum clarifies where you are and where you can be through a comparison of actual and expected results.


It’s not enough to build a model or two in today’s competitive business environment. Doing that leaves companies exposed. Ater LogicPlum helps to build hundreds of expertly crafted models it advocates on behalf of the business by surfacing the models that make the most sense for the business problem.

Next Steps

It’s no fun for executives to hear of a great solution, which can’t be deployed or will take months to deploy. LogicPlum is built with a “Go, No-Go” decision in mind. This means if a company is ready to deploy the AI solution it can be done with a click of a button instead of months.

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