Use Cases

Powerful Loyalty Program

Boost customer engagement and satisfaction by predicting offers and program elements that encourage customers to use your loyalty program


You have a loyalty program to improve customer engagement and reduce customer turnover. However, they only work when customers utilize the program actively. Getting the best content and redemption offers out there helps customers become more active and engaged. The problem remains, how do you identify those activities that will be effective.


Have a more active membership base, with more fulfilling experiences, and point redemptions, by personalizing customer recommendations using artificial intelligence.

For example, AI can predict the types of people that are more likely to stay at a resort, the types of resorts people are likely to go to, those individuals who are more willing to make a decision based on pricing, members that are more interested in resort accommodations, or those that are signaling that their experience of the resort is most important.

All of which allows resort companies to tailor offerings and loyalty programs for maximum engagement and use.

Why LogicPlum?

LogicPlum’s automated machine learning platform quickly builds useful models that understand redemption preferences of your members with only a few clicks.

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