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LogicPlum helps you solve your most difficult business challenges by building AI solutions at an incredible scale, leveraging our machine learning automation at every step of the way, from raw data to AI deployment.

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LogicPlum’s Enterprise AI platform allows customers to get rapid results by preparing their data, create and validate AI models – including time series and computer vision, and deploy and monitor those models in a single solution.

LogicPlum’s AI platform creates a massive business impact by creating significant speedups in data prep, model creation, and validation. In addition to quick AI innovations, LogicPlum oversees all AI deployments to ensure the solutions remain skillful. This is all done on one platform — LogicPlum.

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Next Best Action Marketing

The massive technological advances that have occurred during the past years have created a variety of communication channels for product marketing.

Prospecting for New Sources

Energy companies need to predict potential oil and gas reserves. This is crucial in oil field development as oil prices vary throughout times.

Predicting Readmission Risk

It is challenging to keep track of patients after they have been released from the hospital.

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