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Why We Exist

In short, we were sick and tired of the status quo. Over the years, we have seen companies ask for more and more reports, and telling others many things with data simply wasn’t possible. As more software solutions came on the market, they were simply “me too” products, or worse, they only amplified what businesses thought they needed to hear.

We believed we could change that, and we have. LogicPlum has built its own software based on the deficiencies in other software and the needs that a business in a real-world setting has to have to compete with AI in the marketplace. We believe we have brought AI out of the test-tube and made it viable for commercial use.

Customers and Causes

Our customers are organizations who want to go to the next level, who want to innovate and reimagine aspects of their business. We enjoy difficult challenges that have an impact on the enterprise. We partner with those who want to start their AI journey with their enterprise or those who want to become an AI-driven organization.

Our Business Model

We call it R.E.A.S.O.N™. It’s the AI process we apply to every business challenge we are faced with.

We move with your business objectives at the center of what we do:

  • Our company works on quickly understanding your business
  • We then translate that knowledge into evidence based on the data you provide
  • Then the LogicPlum platform works to adapt the data and models for your business context
  • Afterward, we go into an AI-driven model selection process
  • The platform monitors changes in the data of the business that would warrant a model re-training
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LogicPlum builds and co-manages AI solutions that make sense for your business vision, mission, and financial goals.

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