Why LogicPlum?

(Hint: you want operational AI...within your lifetime.)

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Your Enterprise AI Journey
The hardest AI problems aren’t solved by small teams of freelancers. They’re solved by a professional business that combines the most advanced AI solutions with a full-time staff of technologists. . Sure, we’re creative, but that creativity is founded on professionalism and competence. When you need amazing AI applications that fits your budget, ready to deploy in 90 days… that’s why LogicPlum.
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Who Uses LogicPlum?
LogicPlum is for professionals who do business with professionals.
Data Scientists
BI Analysts
IT Leaders
How Does LogicPlum Help?
Connect the Dots
If you can’t make sense of your data, then it’s mostly useless for you. LogicPlum helps you relate your insights as they apply to your business in the real world.
You Are Here
LogicPlum can help you achieve self- awareness. Not AI self-awareness, but awareness of where your business is and where it can be by comparing expected outcomes to actual results.
Sensible Data Models
Some companies try to solve problems with one or two data models. At LogicPlum, we create hundreds of data models and leverage AI to bring the best solutions to the surface.
Rapid Deployment
Forget waiting months to launch an idea. LogicPlum’s “Go,No-Go” system allows you to deploy AI applications at the click of a button instead of “someday maybe.” Seriously, it’s fast.
LogicPlum streamlines all aspects of data science to deploy models lightning fast. Once a model is live, we oversee its maintenance to keep your business moving forward.
We’re Practically Therapists
(Not really, but we’ll help you keep your sanity.)
Fear & Anxiety
Does the thought of your AI-enabled solutions progress keep you up at night? Feeling burnt out managing a team who never get it *right*? When LogicPlum wipes that stress away, you’ll fire your therapist, your day spa (and maybe some other people too) and you’ll finally get some rest. Okay, we can’t guarantee sleep, but we’ll lift the heavy weight off your shoulders.
AI Envy is real. When you compare LogicPlum with your current approach, you’ll realize you don’t have to resent starting projects. You won’t have to take up hostile project management roles either. Plus, you won’t have to deal with broken relationships or promises anymore. When you work with us, you’ll mostly wonder how you survived in such a dystopian reality until now.
Tired of paying invoices for results that STILL suck? Furious with delivery delays? Wish you had laser eyes for status reports? If you’re sick of phrases like, “it’ll cost more,” “we’re behind schedule,” and “we can’t do that,” then we should talk. LogicPlum can solve all of those problems for you.
In the beginning, your app is just a neat idea, but how do you bring it together? At LogicPlum, we help you map out a step-by-step path to bring your app from concept to deployment in just 90 days.