Hacker Safe

We think like hackers to keep you (and your data) safe from hackers.

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What is Hacker Safe?
It’s hard to spot every security vulnerability when you’re neck-deep in delivery. That’s why we created Hacker Safe - AI software that provides insights about your application from a hacker’s perspective. Humans can overlook weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Hacker Safe finds weaknesses from the inside out so they can be fixed before they turn into *Oh crap, prep the PR team* problems for you.
  • See your defenses from a hacker’s perspective
  • Prevent unwanted hackers and cyber attacks
  • Discover potential security vulnerabilities fast
  • Spot overlooked configuration errors & defects
  • Test the capabilities of your network defenders
  • Learn how a potential attack could damage you
  • Prove security effectiveness to consumers
  • Reveal overlooked design flaws
  • Reduce remediation costs and network downtime
  • Prevent costly data leaks before they happen
  • Spend less time worrying about security overall
An Eagle Eye for Your App
Hacker Safe evaluates your AI application for threats that make it susceptible to hackers and cyber-attacks. Even simple issues like bugs, design flaws, and configuration errors can put you at risk. Worse still, they put your customers at risk. With Hacker Safe, you’ll find and fix weaknesses and vulnerabilities before someone with ill intent finds them for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Hacker Safe Prevent Cyber Attacks?
Organizations usually respond to the aftermath of a cyber attack. LogicPlum’s Hacker Safe is designed to identify and prevent attacks so your company doesn’t have to respond to things like security breaches, data loss, and all of the other problems associated with an attack.
What is Included in a Hacker Safe Report?
Hacker Safe provides a regular thorough analysis of your AI application’s security to reveal the latest vulnerabilities and potential threats. Each Hacker Safe report includes actionable steps to address and resolve vulnerabilities and improve overall security. In other words, you can sleep soundly at night knowing you won’t have to explain an unexpected data leak tomorrow.
What Does Hacker Safe Check?
Two of the most vulnerable areas include your website and your solutions API. Hacker Safe checks both of these for potential weaknesses and provides actionable reports that are used to immediately resolve threats before they have a chance to put your business at risk.
Can Hacker Safe Implement Fixes?
Once Hacker Safe has identified vulnerabilities, LogicPlum’s High-Impact Development uses the reports to implement any updates and changes on behalf of its customers. Hacker Safe provides the reports while High-Impact Development puts them into action.