Interactive User Guides

Answer customer questions and gain valuable data insights.

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What are Interactive User Guides?
When a customer has a problem, they turn to support to solve it. If your support is built of static articles, the customer may not find the answer they need. As a result, they turn to live agents, clogging up resources, and increasing overhead. Interactive User Guides assist customers based on their individual interactions to provide a more responsive, economical, and highly-tailored approach to solving their problems.
  • Improves the Customer Support Experience
  • Replaces Ineffective Static Articles
  • Provides More Responsive Search Results
  • Helps Customers Based on Individual Interactions
  • Makes Self-Serve Solutions the Best Option
  • Reduces Live Support Tickets
  • Conducts NPS Surveys
  • Multiple Post-Survey Paths for Effective Follow-up
  • Helps Spot Trends & Improves Product Decisions
  • Can Reduce Overhead with Less Support
Personal Support (But Not)
Interactive User Guides are like a personal assistant, but without the human element. Instead, the system simplifies the search process, asks better questions, and helps customers solve problems on their own before they turn to live support. This reduces overall support tickets and provides additional context to help live agents resolve issues when support tickets inevitably do arise.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Static Article and Why Should We Replace Them?
Many businesses offer support articles to help decrease the volume of support tickets, but these articles are static (meaning they don’t automatically update). If you’ve ever searched for a solution to a computer problem only to discover an outdated article that was no longer applicable, you’ve experienced the problem with static articles. With Interactive User Guides, the customer enjoys a more engaging and relevant experience that helps them find the solutions they need before turning to support.
How Do Interactive User Guides Help Us Spot Trends?
One of the most brilliant aspects of Interactive User Guides is that they leverage user data, browsing behaviors, devices, and locations to identify useful trends that give your business a powerful edge when it comes to solving problems, delivering services, and even for marketing to future consumers. All of this valuable data is provided by our Interactive User Guides.
Why Are NPS Surveys Important?
NPS surveys are used in customer support systems to determine how customers feel about the help they’ve received. With LogicPlum’s Interactive User Guides, we go a step further by providing a variety of post-survey paths based on customer responses. These help your audience connect more deeply with your business and feel like they’ve received higher levels of support.
How Does This Speed Up the Support Resolution Process?
Interactive User Guides lead customer support agents through the troubleshooting process and help them easily determine the best solutions so they can provide the most useful responses for customer questions and issues. This decreases the total time support agents spend with each customer and increases the speed of resolution for customer issues.