LogicPlum Origin

Ensure a smooth project flow from start to finish.

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What is Origin?
LogicPlum Origin is an AI tool that provides project clarity, risk identification, and mitigation. Origin helps prevent resource conflicts that might cause confusion or result in delays. When you leverage the power of Origin, you’ll give your project a proper start that helps ensure timely allocation of budget, resources, and equipment while avoiding the biggest setbacks.
  • Assists with project clarity & organization
  • Identifies potential risks and setbacks
  • Provides solutions to mitigate unnecessary risk
  • Helps with timely project execution
  • Ensures proper resource allocation
  • Helps avoid unexpected costs and errors
  • Offers project transparency for stakeholders
  • Sets a foundation for management of all phases
  • Overall improved project control
In the beginning...
Imagine SkyNet leveraged LogicPlum’s Origin before launch. Origin would’ve identified the risks of setting AI-driven super robots loose on the world. We’re not saying Origin prevents existential threats of nuclear destruction…but what if? :)
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Origin Help With Organization?
Origin delivers clear objectives to the entire team so everyone knows exactly how a project should move forward. Without Origin, you risk precious time and resources that would otherwise help bring your product to market more quickly.
How Does Origin Assist with Resource Allocation?
Origin helps your company determine the best-fit resource to solve a problem rather than choosing the first available resource which may not provide the most effective solution.
What Kind of Risks Does Origin Identify?
Origin specifically minimizes expense risks associated with improper resource allocation. It does this by applying “what-if?” analysis and building unique simulations for each potential outcome based on different resource scenarios to provide feedback about how to leverage available resources in the most efficient ways.
What Are Origin’s Use Cases?
Virtually every AI-enabled solution and project will benefit from Origin due to its considerations for the team’s qualifications, skills, experience, project costs, and other important criteria that help keep your project on track, on time, and on budget.