Pattern Library

All of your design components in one place for fast, easy access.

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What is Pattern Library?
Great design is consistent. When developers, designers, and the rest of your team aren’t aligned, it can cause design flaws and replication that costs time, effort, and money. Pattern Library solves this with a powerful AI-fueled solution that helps staff quickly find pre-existing designs, avoid inconsistent patterns in your final product, and ensures a smooth transition from one designer to the next.
  • A single location for all of your design components
  • Access any design in seconds
  • Ensures consistency between designers
  • Aligns your team and reduces duplicate work
  • Helps avoid re-created patterns that already exist
  • Maintains consistency between app iterations
  • Helps avoid end-user confusion
  • Promotes smooth transitions between designers
  • Helps your products stay on-brand
  • Promotes enhanced consumer brand loyalty
  • Promotes increased team productivity
Computer! Show Me, “Design.”
Pattern Library is like being on the USS Enterprise (you know, the starship…). Okay, there’s no voice recognition but ask the computer for a design and find out instantly if it exists in your library. If so, your designers can grab-’n-go without re-creating it from scratch. Make sense?
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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the Pattern Library Maintained?
LogicPlum’s Pattern Library is a cloud-based solution. This makes it simple for anyone on your team to access the Pattern Library from anywhere in the world, anytime, day or night.
How Does Pattern Library Promote Increased Productivity?
In essence, Pattern Library creates a single source of design “truth.” Your team never has to guess about design elements or create them from scratch because designs are always up-to-date and maintained in the library. This helps establish a consistent user interface for your application, thereby making production faster and easier.
How Does Pattern Library Save Your Business Money?
Instead of chasing people down for designs, just open the library and find what you need. There’s no question about which element is the *right* element to use. Pattern Library identifies where and how to use each element, promotes the reuse of design elements to save time, and gives you confidence that your designs are the latest version. All of this saves implementation time and fixes which in turn saves your business money.
Why Is Consistency So Important?
Consistency helps create a professional image for your application and nsures you communicate the intended message. It also plays a key role in brand identity. Lacking consistency in design elements, sizes, colors, etc. looks messy, and unprofessional, and leaves consumers confused, which can create a negative experience.