Road Map Live

Automatically prioritize products, features, and initiatives for your company’s road map.

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What Is Road Map Live?
Product managers can struggle to map out initiatives. Which products should the company focus on? Which features are needed? Road Map Live helps solve this with a simple scoring system that ranks priorities based on four factors: reach, impact, confidence, and effort. Once priorities are ranked, product managers can see exactly where to put their focus, time, and effort.
  • Fast Automated System to Rank Priorities
  • Prioritizes Product Initiatives Across Four Areas
  • Empowers Product Manager Decision-Making
  • Removes Personal Bias From Priorities
  • Prioritizes on Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort
  • Increases Product to Market Speed
  • Provides Priority Justification for Stakeholders
  • Helps Avoid Wasted Time + Effort + Money
  • Reduces Wasteful Products & Features
  • Reduces Product Manager Stressl
Better Decisions, Faster
Road Map Live empowers product managers to make better decisions as fast as humanly possible. By leveraging artificial intelligence, we minimize the personal bias for an impartial perspective that product managers can use to justify priorities to stakeholders and executive staff. This streamlines the decision-making process for improved results.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Road Map Live Rank Priorities?
Road Map Live ranks priorities across four core areas. Those areas are reach, impact, confidence, and effort. In other words, Road Map Live looks at how many people a product or feature can affect, what impact it will have on the business as a whole, how confident we are in that impact, and how much effort (time/money/manpower) will it take to carry it out?
Does This Really Help Product Managers?
Yes! As well-intentioned as product managers are, they are still human, and they still bring many personal biases to the job. These biases sometimes cause them to miss-prioritize company efforts, leading to product failures, wasted time, and “money pit” initiatives. By minimizing bias, Road Map Live improves all of these areas and makes life easier for product managers.
How Does This Help Defend Priorities to Stakeholders & Executive Staff
Simple. Stakeholders and executive staff like numbers. They like to see ideas supported with data, and that’s exactly what Road Map Live provides - a data-driven perspective on company priorities so stakeholders and executives can see what makes the most sense to focus on and why.
How Does This Save Us Money?
If you’ve been in business long, you’ve probably invested in “money pit” initiatives - product ideas and features that were a big waste of time and resources and ultimately cost you more than what you made from the end product. Road Map Live helps you avoid this problem by prioritizing initiatives based on core areas of importance that actually make sense for your company.