Swift Project Management

A fusion of humans and AI toward a better future.
(Some would call that a singularity…)

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What is Swift Project Management?
LogicPlum’s Swift Project Management is an AI-backed service that leverages humans and machines to solve your toughest challenges in the shortest time possible. Swift ensures consistent internal communications, optimizes prioritized tasks for higher productivity and improves the overall workflow of your AI project. Swift also empowers you to focus more on customer experience and enables your business to stay on top of the latest market trends.
  • Ensures Consistent Internal Communications
  • Optimizes Prioritized Tasks for Maximum Output
  • Provides Higher Productivity for the Lowest Price
  • Considers “What If?” Scenarios in Planning
  • Improves Internal Morale Through Success
  • Improves Quality Control Through Unique Phases
  • Learns from Every Past Project
  • Helps Ensure Your Application is Successful
  • Reduces Customer Support Tickets
The Singularity is HERE.
Humans are good at what they do but not as good as they can be when they work ogether with AI.
With LogicPlum’s Swift Project Management, we bring humans and AI together to rapidly solve problems and improve the overall xperience for everyone.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Swift Project Management Maximize Output for the Lowest Cost?
Swift Project Management provides insights about potential outcomes which leads to overall improved project decision-making. Swift uses historical data to estimate orkloads, review work/time-off schedules, highlight training needs, and can even suggest hiring needs for a given project to keep things flowing smoothly.
How Does Swift Consider “What If?” Scenarios?
Swift runs a variety of protocols to model workflows to create financial impact analysis, adaption and refinement reports, and to analyze the impacts of potential decisions. By considering numerous scenarios, Swift Project Management empowers you to make the most sound decisions for your project at every step.
How Does Swift Reduce Customer Support Tickets?
Simply put, Swift helps you build a proper application from the start to avoid customer problems later on. It does this through a combination of emphasis on architecture, design, and coding. Swift also uses a peer-review process to minimize errors and identify potential issues so they can be solved long before they arise.
How Does Swift Improve Quality Control Measures?
Swift leverages many processes to ensure project quality at every stage. These include quality iterations, specific building processes, lessons learned, and a project build retrospective. When your team follows Swift’s project requirements, the outcome is improved quality control over the lifespan.