Perpetual Process Docs

A “best practices” platform that’s always up-to-date for your app.

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What is Perpetual Process Docs?
Perpetual Process Docs (PPD) is a continuously-updated platform of guides for how to build and execute processes within your applications. These documents help your team get clarity about the *what* and *why* of your processes and any changes to those processes. Perpetual Process Docs are also useful if you sell your app (or business) because they describe how you will handle the transfer of intellectual property (IP).
  • Continuously-updated best practices portal
  • Details changes and updates to app processes
  • Ensures consistency from one technologist to the next
  • Describes the transfer of intellectual property
  • Saves time on re-learning why changes were made
  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Helps avoid costly errors and time spent on fixes
  • AI translates codes into human-readable format
  • Docs are classified, extracted, organized, analyzed
  • Assists your team to understand your applications process intent
  • Helps keep your business on track for growth
Best Practices?
AI requires constant updates to solutions. Sometimes, new technologists with different perspectives join the team. How can you track the history of technical decisions and their impact on your solution? How do you ensure consistency from one team member to the next? Perpetual Process Docs answer questions like these so your business always operates as a well-oiled machine. The PPD portal keeps everything in one place, where the documents reduce errors, save time, and keep things focused on coding forward instead of questioning changes of the past.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Perpetual Process Docs PDFs?
Not quite. Perpetual Process Docs is actually a platform.Think of it like a portal that leads to any PDF your business might need that helps you build, design, and execute updates and changes. The Perpetual Process Docs portal also creates a unique space that makes for easy transitions between owners in the event your company is ever sold.
What’s Covered in Perpetual Process Docs?
Within the platform, you’ll find PDF documents that cover all aspects of your internal business processes. This includes process boundaries, outputs, inputs, activities, formulas, roles, and more. Basically, PPD covers anything that anyone might have a question about with regard to the operations of your business.
How Often Are Perpetual Process Docs Updated?
Unlike static documents, the PPD platform is automatically updated every time the High-Impact Development team makes a change to an AI application’s code. This ensures your processes are always up to date, and those who need them always have the latest information to work with..
Why Can’t Developers Create a Doc Like This on Their Own?
The biggest challenge for developers is that they tend to think in *comments.* Their comments are usually single lines of code that don’t explain much about the changes they’ve made. While other developers might be able to figure out a process based on comments, non-developers and other team members become discouraged when they don’t have the info they need to understand how a system functions. PPD solves that.