On-Purpose Design

Increase brand loyalty and sales with data-driven design.

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What is On-Purpose Design?
Anyone can start a brand, but how do you start a brand that people dream about at night? I’m talking about the kind of brand that they share with friends. The kind of brand where people buy whatever you sell, and can’t wait for your next product launch… For that, you need a higher level of design fueled by real data about what people really want. On-Purpose design is LogicPlum’s solution to help you get that data and build that brand.
  • Fuses Art & Science to Increase Loyalty & Sales
  • Helps Your Brand Become More Competitive
  • Leverages AI to Automate Data Analysis
  • UX Design, Wireframing & Split-Testing
  • Applies Psych, Math, & Art to Improve Products
  • Create Human-Centric Design Flow
  • Never Forces Users to Conform to a Design
  • Applies Critical Principles to Product Experiences
  • Offers a More Meaningful User Experience
  • Gives People Reasons to Return for More
Core Identity
Brand identity starts with the individual. They see themselves a certain way and want others to see them that way too. To give people that experience, your design needs to be purposeful, matching the overarching emotions and feelings that consumers are searching for within your brand. That’s what On-Purpose design helps you do.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does On-Purpose Design Leverage Art and Science for Sales?
Every creative project has a creative process. Where LogicPlum differs is that our UX professionals also understand business,technology, research, data, and metrics to provide the highest levels of service. Your project is creative, but how we design and test your project applies the scientific method for proven results. In other words, it’s a combination of art and science.
How Does Data Analysis Improve the User Experience?
On-Purpose Design improves the user experience across three core areas: Inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Inspiration is where we learn about users through research and the scientific method. Ideation explores solutions, builds prototypes, and forms hypothesis and prediction statements. Implementation is where we test your app with live users for real feedback that we can use to iterate for a better overall experience for everyone.
What Makes Brand Identity So Important?
Your brand differentiates your products and services from others in the market. A strong brand helps you position your business as the sole sensible option while pulling consumers together around a central identity that makes them feel welcome and at home. Every business has a brand, but many businesses don’t consider how consumers interact with their brand and how that affects both their short and long-term outcomes.
How Does Data Analysis Improve the User Experience?
Sometimes you don’t know how a change will affect your product or business. Will consumers love it, hate it, not care at all? To find out, we use split-testing (testing the original version against the new version) on a live audience to get real results, data, and feedback that helps guide you in decision-making going forward. Split-testing is useful in determining everything from major application changes down to minor adjustments in fonts, text size, colors, and more.