Service Blueprint

Visualize the Relationships Within the Customer Journey

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What Is Service Blueprint?
As customers move through your business, they pass a series of touchpoints where they encounter people, technological systems, and various processes. Service Blueprint offers you a look at how those touchpoints interact with each other and with the customer so you can determine what experience they create.
  • A Visual Representation of Business Touchpoints
  • Quickly Identify Customer Experience Weaknesses
  • Optimize Internal Touchpoints for Performance
  • Improve the Customer/Brand Experience
  • Solve Root Issues Instead of Surface-Level
  • Discover New Ways to Eliminate Redundancy
  • Creates a Bridge for Cross-Department Efforts
  • Deeper Insight Into the Buyer’s Journey
  • Improves Interdependent Communications
  • Refines the Overarching Customer Experience
A Business Treasure Map
When you visually see the relationships between processes and people, it helps you discover weaknesses that lead to poor customer experiences. In this way, Service Blueprint is a treasure map of interrelated dependencies that helps you solve root customer experience issues instead of just surface-level problems. This allows you to optimize the buying journey for performance at every step.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Service Blueprint Work?
Essentially, Service Blueprint is a visual document that not only reveals the touchpoints in your business, but shares information about how those touchpoints interact with one another and with customers. This gives you the ability to easily spot hiccups within the systems flow that can usually be corrected and optimized with minor, cost-effective changes.
How Does Service Blueprint Solve Root-Level Issues?
Service Blueprint is a map of touchpoints. It isn’t designed to solve problems for you, but to help you identify the REAL problems within the customer journey so you can take action to solve them yourself. Most businesses get caught up solving surface-level problems and they completely overlook the deeper issues that cause those problems to happen again and again. Service Blueprint helps you fix this.
How Does Service Blueprint Help Improve the Customer Experience?
The visualization of relationships reveals potential improvements that enhance the customer journey. For instance, it might show you how information gathered at the beginning of a customer interaction could be leveraged later in the journey instead of recollecting the same information and creating redundancy. As a result, the process is streamlined, and the customer feels important.
How Does This Save Us Money?
When you identify root-level problems, and simple optimizations that deliver massive improvements, then you save time, effort, energy, and money on constantly solving problems and guessing at what works. The faster you can solve a problem, the less it usually costs. Sometimes, deep issues can be solved with minor adjustments that cost nothing at all, but you need a way to see where those adjustments can be made.