Momentum Reports

Get a snapshot of your team’s productivity at any point in time.

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What are Momentum Reports?
With big business it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. How do you know your team is moving toward objectives at scale? How do you spot weaknesses and areas to improve? Momentum Reports highlight team activity and keep you in the loop about how your AI application is progressing. These reports create accountability, mitigate risks, and keep you on track toward project goals.
  • Get a snapshot of your team’s productivity
  • See the real-time momentum on your AI-enabled solution
  • Get clarity about development roadblocks
  • Mitigate potential issues before they arise
  • Discover team strengths and weaknesses
  • Keep your project on track toward your goals
  • Make key decisions faster with more useful data
  • Answer questions before they ever come up
  • Increase customer confidence in your business
  • Create accountability and team ownership
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity
Ultimately, it’s about momentum. Is your project coming along or not? Is your team aligned or not? Are tasks completed on time or not? Momentum Reports tell you everything you want to know about your progress so you can make key decisions as fast as possible with as much data as you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What Exactly Do Momentum Reports Track?
Momentum Reports illustrate your overall product progress based on your committed project plan. It tracks new, closed, active, and resolved tasks so you can easily define your progress, momentum, productivity, and how far you have left to go before you’re ready to deploy a given feature.
Is Everything Contained in a Single Report?
Yes, this is not a series of multiple reports where you spend hours sifting through data interpreting a little at a time. A Momentum Report is a single, simple, data insight overview that gives you a bird’s eye view of progress.
How Do Momentum Reports Affect the Customer Experience?
Communication is at the heart of every project. At the end of each week, LogicPlum communicates your project’s exact status. This promotes transparency that you can pass forward to your customers (who love that they get to see actual results). Momentum Reports also reduce the volume of emails and calls for project updates and help customers feel more confident in your business as a whole.
How Do Momentum Reports Create Accountability and Ownership?
Momentum Reports create a natural partnership-focused attitude between LogicPlum and the customer. These reports reveal the true state of progress for an application, so accountability is automatic. Lastly, Momentum Reports directly demonstrates how LogicPlum is completing tasks as well as the success and effectiveness of the overall partnership.