High-Impact Development

An amazing hybrid approach to deploy innovative apps.

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What is High-Impact Development?
To bring an idea from concept to functional application requires quality processes, radical approaches to problem-solving, and process management at the highest levels. You don’t want to wait years for your app to hit the market, so LogicPlum leverages machines working with humans to speed things up. High-Impact Development empowers technologists, anticipates critical enablers, and automatically builds and tests your code before it deploys to catch and fix flaws.
  • Finds, Prevents (or Fixes) Security Vulnerabilities
  • Automatically Checks Quality, Style, & More
  • Ensures Quality Standards Before Launch
  • Ensures Quality Standards Before Launch
  • Anticipates Critical Enablers
  • Aligns Investments with Customer Value
  • Minimizes Barriers to Productivity
  • Automatically Builds & Tests Code
  • Enables API Connections with Your Solution
  • Manages Third-Party Connections Securely
Prediction + QC = Perfection
With High-Impact Development, we predict potential challenges, review for hidden defects automatically test your security and quality, and securely manage any third-party connections to keep everything operating exactly how it should. It’s one part human, one part AI, and it’s how we’ll get your AI application deployed in just 90 days.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is a Multi-Methodological Approach to Delivery Important?
No two products are built the same. The goals, KPIs, team, industries, and approaches of every businessare unique, so you need a multi-methodological approach to ensure your application aligns with your business situation and outcomes. At LogicPlum, we consider cost, budget, team size, risk-taking ability, flexibility, and timeline before we ever get started.
How Does High-Impact Development Check Quality, Style, & Security?
High-Impact Development uses a continuous code assessment that checks the quality of the AI application. This assessment monitors commit and pull requests and remains on alert for problematic files. High-Impact Development displays the most critical issues first based on a variety of triage factors to solve the biggest problems first. It enforces code standards and security best practices to save time in code reviews and to helponboard new developers as quickly as possible.
How Does High-Impact Development Empower Technologists?
Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose. Technologists enjoy the freedom to do what they do best within a formal business boundary. Passionate technologists are perfectionists who aim for mastery, and High-Impact Development helps create the space they need to continue in that direction. Plus, technologists enjoy a sense of purpose by knowing the exact outcomes they’re working toward since they have clear objectives and well-defined parameters.
How Does High-Impact Development Align Investments with Customer Value?
In a market of millions of applications, only the best stand out. With High-Impact Development, your business can bring more innovative and feature-rich products to your markets and deploy those products as smoothly and effortlessly as possible without disrupting the consumer’s journey. In short, it comes down to user experience and giving the people who engage with you a reason to come back for more.