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Who Can Be An AI Company?
Every business needs the power of AI to stay competitive in today’s market. From startups to established enterprises, LogicPlum helps clients of all sizes visualize, design, build, and deploy robust AI solutions in support of business operations. If you have an idea for an AI application, we can help you become an AI company (and even if you don’t, we’ll help you figure that part out too).
Why Become An AI Company?
You need a competitive advantage. AI is that advantage, and you don’t even need revolutionary ideas. Even just improving minor insights and predictions can transform your operational outcomes. Sometimes an insignificant change in a process leads to seemingly impossible results over time. With AI insights, finding those changes becomes automatic.
How Do You Bridge The Gap?
Virtually every business can benefit from AI. Too bad most never will. They simply lack the know-how and support to see their ideas realized. With LogicPlum, you don’t need AI expertise. We combine your experience and data with proven solutions to help you make it happen. All you need is a desire to reach the next level. We’ll get you there with custom AI in just 90 days.
Your Enterprise AI Journey
See how we’ll get you from where you are to your idea of what you could be.
Data Diversity
You face tons of challenges and you have a lot of data to consider before you attempt a solution. LogicPlum helps you make sense of that data by working across data types including image, numeric, categorical, and text, and by testing a bunch of data models to help you isolate challenges and come up with sensible solutions (as fast as humanly or artificially possible). With our machine learning algorithms behind you, even the toughest challenges are just a speed bump on the road to your AI empire.
The Most Bang for Your Buck
Some businesses already have data models, but they aren’t optimized. Even minor improvements can make a major impact on your bottom line, so one of our goals is to help you get the most value from the data you already have. It’s also important to snag that value from your models without them breaking down in the process. When you work with LogicPlum, we’ll help you extract every sip of value from your data without any downtime.
Bespoke Technology
Part of our ability to deploy proper AI solutions is that we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our creations are custom-designed to align with your specific business. For instance, your data visualizations communicate only what you want to know about your business. This is how we build trust from the inside out and ensure company-wide adoption and excitement over your new AI technology as fast as possible.
Rapid Deployment Predictions
LogicPlum AI models are ready for immediate deployment and rapid results. Instead of wondering which data science projects to focus on, your company can test as many models as you want and get real-world feedback to help you make decisions. Plus, once you deploy an app, we’ll support and oversee model maintenance to keep it optimized for your team and goals while you boldly go where no company has gone before!