Awesome AI Cloud

Rapidly develop and deploy machine learning models at scale.

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What is AI Cloud?
Empower your business with actionable data insights and real-world solutions. No more hand-coded models. No more models for the sake of models. AI Cloud offers incredibly powerful data insights at scale - the kind that can carry your business to the next level. Why use two-hand models when AI Cloud can lend you 10,000 (while avoiding human error)? Bottom line? AI Cloud is like other clouds …less fluff, and more semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic power!
  • Develop ML models faster than ever
  • Embrace the power of 10,000 AI models
  • Eliminate the margin for human error
  • Increase your speed to v alue for consumers
  • Collaborate with your team anywhere anytime
  • Increase modeling standardization & consistency
  • Embeds directly within existing operations
  • Solve organizational challenges in less time
  • Avoid unnecessary and less useful data models
  • Improve the overall user experience
Behold, the Power!
LogicPlum’s AI Cloud increases your speed to value by delivering faster, more actionable insights. It operates at scale so you can affect the most people in the shortest time possible. Since it replaces human hands, the margin for error is virtually erased. Plus, AI Cloud means your business can share models with anyone on your team, anywhere in the world, at any time. No need for laptops.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is AI Cloud Hosted?
LogicPlum’s AI Cloud is hosted through LogicPlum internally. While we are not a private cloud host, our AI Cloud is designed to be the most effective cloud system for application development. In other words, AI Cloud is specifically built for application performance rather than for general purposes which improves the overall experience for your business, team, and consumers.
Are There Any Real-World Use Case Examples?
Yes, we have many Use Case examples. Please visit this page to explore our Use Case library to view examples of our AI Cloud in action.
How Easy is AI Cloud to Learn?
The brilliance of AI Cloud is that there is nothing for you to learn. Our goal is to remove obstacles that keep you from your primary objective. Most businesses want to stay focused on their product, their customers, and moving the dial forward. With AI Cloud, LogicPlum manages everything for you so you never waste time learning a new system.
How Fast Does AI Cloud Return Data Insights?
I’ll reveal how fast in just a second, but let’s answer an important precursor question first. How long does it take most organizations to return the same data insights? The answer is it takes about 12 months for others to produce what AI Cloud produces in an afternoon. AI Cloud is blazing fast, and that presents a major market advantage for your business.