AI in Manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been concerned with productivity gains, cutting costs, and increasing quality. Take advantage of the next evolution of automation with artificial intelligence in manufacturing.
Uncover the advantages of enterprise AI in manufacturing.

In manufacturing, factories, suppliers, and distribution networks can be complex. Worldwide competition is growing for manufacturers daily. Discover how LogicPlum helps modern manufactures meet these challenges.

Quality Management

Modeling the quality of products with LogicPlum is simple. Supply us data on materials, production, status, and other environmental variables, and we can help reduce the lead time and cost of inspections.

Predictive Maintenance

LogicPlum models can predict signs of equipment failure before they happen. Using as model inputs, data like electrical current, vibration, and sound generated by manufacturing equipment, LogicPlum rapidly develops performant models that benefit maintenance operations.

Demand Forecast

Eliminate waste and be more efficient with accurate demand forecasting for production plans. Leverage market data, product specifications, and sales trends to predict upcoming sales more correctly than outdated forecast methods.

Processing Conditions

Generate models that deliver highly accurate predictions in no time when compared to manual methods. Manufacturers can apply machine learning to speed the setup of new production lines and spread automation across the plant.


R&D requires important consideration for manufacturing firms. LogicPlum becomes a powerful enablement tool for organizations looking to be more effective with plan-do-check-act cycles when using enterprise AI.

Smart Products

Virtually all devices are now connected to the Internet, continually updating and providing valuable data. LogicPlum leverages this IoT data by building models that allow systems to evolve and improve faster, leading to Smart Products, which learn continuously from historical data analysis.

LogicPlum - AI Innovation Platform

How Will You Improve Operations with AI?

LogicPlum builds and co-manages AI solutions that make sense for your business vision, mission, and financial goals.

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