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LogicPlum has implemented expert best practices into its platform and has automated several data science tasks allowing business analysts to bring in machine learning into their current skillset and having a more significant impact on their organizations.

Beyond Reporting: Supporting Decisions with AI

LogicPlum understands the value a good BI analyst is to any enterprise. Collecting the data, cleaning the data, and providing reports that answer valuable questions for the business are paramount to a company’s success. Adding LogicPlum to part of your toolset allows you to add AI predictions as part of your reporting. Leading to a company not just trying to understand the past but also the future.

Bring Your Insights Into Action

Roadblocks exist everywhere in business. Often times what is found on a report is a fantastic find for the organization but gets pushed aside because the value may not outweigh the cost of getting IT involved or operationalizing the insight altogether. With LogicPlum, once the insight is found, and a machine learning model is built, you immediately have an AI solution. You can make predictions on any future data when you want via batch predictions, APIs, or integrations. You transform from a talented BI Analysts to someone who gets things done for the enterprise.

Support Your Point-of-View

LogicPlum understands that you may not be a full-fledged data scientist. We have designed our platform to leverage your BI skills and take you to the next level. All that is required is curiosity about your data, and we will provide you the automated best practices of expert data scientists in language any business user can understand. LogicPlum will support you from end-to-end, providing full transparency of our process.

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LogicPlum builds and co-manages AI solutions that make sense for your business vision, mission, and financial goals.

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