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Professionally, being a data scientist is a hard job, but getting your models into production shouldn’t be. Most Data Scientists in a business context don’t have the time to put into crafting custom deployment strategies for their predictive models.


Imagine automating many of the routine tasks performed by data scientists such as being able to build, manage, and deploy machine learning models faster than creating custom deployments. That’s the power of LogicPlum.

Build Models with Confidence

LogicPlum automatically builds and tests hundreds of machine learning models working to find the model which provides the best business impact for your organization. Throughout the end-to-end process LogicPlum assists to identify items that you may want to question, helping to avoid surprises, and enabling you to be more effective where it counts.

Show Support For Your Results

We all know getting results with a model is one thing, selling it internally can be an entirely different thing. While many data scientists understand how they may have gotten their results, oftentimes it is hard to communicate meaningful results in a way a business unit can understand. That’s why we have R.E.A.S.O.N.™. This built-in system helps you explain and advocate for your models from a business perspective.

Control Your AI Work

Building a model on a laptop and handing it off to IT to implement, generally means you lose control over your work. As a data scientist, you know that shifts in the model inputs or in the target happen routinely. In most cases, IT is not equipped to handle this when these shifts occur, rendering your model useless. With LogicPlum, we give you access to administer, monitor, and manage the stability of your machine learning models.

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