What is Deep Learning Algorithms?

knowledge deeplearningDeep learning algorithms are a function of AI that attempts to imitate the workings of the human brain through creating patterns, processing data, and making decisions. Deep Learning is a subdivision of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks that connect like a web, just as the human brain does.

Unlike traditional programs that process data linearly, deep learning algorithms use hierarchical functions to process data through a nonlinear approach. As the data is processed, it passes through the layers of neural network algorithms, and with every pass, more information is analyzed.

The layers of algorithms that make deep learning unique allow for data that is unlabeled or unstructured to be processed effectively. A great example of unstructured data is an image – it is not made up of columns and rows, and there are a large number of features that make it unfeasible for a traditional machine learning model to process.

To put this into perspective, a color image that measures 800×1000 pixels has 2.4 million features! The deep learning algorithms can detect features like edges and colors to form a holistic representation of the image.


Why Is Deep Learning Well-Known?

Deep Learning methods are well-known because it allows machine learning models to process a large number of features and deal with unstructured data effectively. It facilitates multiclass classification, which can distinguish between a task that has more than two classes.

For instance, if you have an image with several animals, a deep learning algorithm knows that an animal can be either a cat or a dog, but not both at the same time.

As you can imagine, this has significant implications for businesses that use image recognition or platforms like Amazon that provide recommendations based on items that look similar to what consumers have already looked at.

These algorithms are also used extensively for fraud detection, as they can pull in data from multiple sources and can not only create patterns but also recognize when the pattern itself could signal fraudulent activity.


Who Can Benefit from Deep Learning Algorithms?

It doesn’t matter if you only have BI analysts, IT leaders, or executives wanting to leverage deep learning algorithms or if you have a team of in-house data scientists looking to be more impactful with their analytic output. Any organization looking to start or advance their AI journey can benefit from deep learning algorithms.


Deep Learning and LogicPlum

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